Buying Tips

Tips on Buying Your New Carpet

Here are our top tips on buying a new carpet. You don’t buy carpet very often and you will walk on it every day, so it is worth ensuring you buy a carpet that is right for you. We recommend you think about:

The Room A bedroom carpet, for example, takes far less wear than a stair carpet.
Your Colour Scheme Are you matching the carpet to a particular scheme? What are your future decorating plans?
Longevity Is it a quick fix or do you want it to last a long time?
Your Budget How much can you afford? Don’t forget to include cost of fitting and underlay. Carpets are like most things in life – you get what you pay for.
Plain or Patterned A plain carpet gives more flexibility for the use of pattern elsewhere in the room. Patterned carpet provides more colour options.
Measuring the room Leave it to an expert! Doing it yourself you could end up ordering too much or too little.
Carpet Samples Use samples to see the carpet you like in place with natural lighting.
Underlay You should always buy new underlay with new carpet.